Monday, November 28, 2016

Tune in Tokyo...

Thanks to booking my trip to Scotland on my Chase Sapphire Preferred card and earning points, as well as the wonderful freedom that Airbnb gives you by making travel affordable, my adorable friend Lynzie and I are going to Japan, and I got it all for "free"! We are going to languish in the Onsen baths, shop for vinyl in the Bohemian area of Tokyo, hike through the forest to see a temple built in 724 CE, sit on Shichirigahama beach and try to burn the image of Mt. Fuji into memory, buy Pokemon for all the kids back home, see a twenty five foot long tapeworm taken out of a 40 year old man in a parasitological museum, sing karaoke, see a live Japanese Beatle's cover band called the Parrots at Abbey Road, sleep in a tatami room and remember the smell forever, marvel at the tallest Buddha in the world (at a whopping 395 feet) go to the country and tour the rice paddies and eat the local delicacy of unagi eel, literally eaten so fresh, it's prepared at your table, go to a theme park built in 1853 and ride a giant motorized Panda, drink sake, eat ramen and sushi fresh from Tsukiji fish market, soak in the culture, and absorb every sight, sound and memory made while there.

Ya...I think we're going to love Japan!